Stratigraphic Matrix of the Holocene Epoch

Stratigraphic Matrix of the Holocene Epoch, 2018
Dimensions variable, pebbledash over plywood, polystyrene, digital images on wall paper, rubber mulch, water bags
Hospital Rooms, 1 Godley House, Griffin Gallery, London
Photo: Oliver Holms

This exhibition presents an opportunity for a number of connections to be made, through architecture, domesticity, and mental health. I am thinking of it as a collaborative architectural sculpture, a kind of art – composite - domestic scenario. My contribution is a sculptural installation existing on the “outside” of 1 Godley House.  Stratigraphic sections of pebble dashing stone clad an architectural form that reaches out into the exhibition space as far as it climbs the wall of 1 Godley House.  The sculpture is perforated with circles, revealing a layer of geological imagery that conjures an awareness of the material origins of our built environment.  The images are taken from the shoreline at Lyme Regis, an area in the UK renowned for its abundant fossil discoveries, which have greatly expanded our awareness of the flora and fauna of Earth’s past through geological time.

Hospital Rooms