Plough Layer, Source Rupture

Plough Layer, Source Rupture, 2015
3.5m x 4.4m x 5.5m
Pebbledash, mosaic tiles, aluminium scaffolding, gravel, flexible liquid storage tanks, aquatic plants
Art Basel Hong Kong, Discoveries, HKCEC
Hales Gallery

Plough Layer, Source Rupture was exhibited at Art Basel / Hong Kong in 2015 in the Discoveries section of the fair.

This immersive environment is a response to the extreme landscapes of the Wanshan archipelago. It refers to Hong Kong's distinctive built environment as the world’s most vertical city and its integration into the extraordinary geological formations that this group of islands are comprised of. The installation consists of a collection of sculptural land masses that ascend the gallery booth. These land masses are clad in mosaic tiles on their terrestrial surfaces and rendered with a linear composition of aggregate on their stalactitic surfaces. The sculptural landscapes are punctuated by transparent liquid storage tanks containing regional aquatic plants, commenting on how humans navigate nature in urban contexts.

Hales Gallery