Forced Landscape

Forced Landscape, 2013
6m x 3m x 2.5m
Glass mosaic tiles over plywood and timber, concrete
Wirksworth Festival 2013 / 2014
National Stone Centre, Derbyshire, UK
Photo: Artist

Forced Landscape was commissioned by Wirksworth Festival 2013, curated by Rose Lejeune.

Forced Landscape 2013, is a site-specific installation located on the grounds of the National Stone Centre, Derbyshire, UK. Penetrating the ground, forming a tapered sculptural cavity, clad in mosaic glass tiles and concrete, the work reflects the dramatic topography of its surroundings -the holes, tunnels, peaks, steep hills, and passages, the shafts, and drainage soughs that result from the landscape’s unique industrial and geological histories.

Special thanks to Chris Simpson from CS Building Services and Andy Littler from Longcliffe Quarries.