Economies Of Scale

Economies of Scale, 2011
6m in diameter
Barley, wheat, millet, linseed, maize, quinoa, canola, plastic liquid storage tanks, ceramic insulators, plywood, timber, soil
Bold Tendencies 5, Peckham, London
Photo: Artist

Economies of Scale was a site-specific installation installed as part of Bold Tendencies 5 and existed as an interpretation of an industrial, cash-crop garden.  The crops included, wheat, barley, millet, maize, linseed, quinoa, and phacelia.  The three month exhibition provided enough time for the crops to grow, flower, and eventually go to seed.  The utilitarian objects, ceramic insulators and liquid storage tanks, were placed amongst the crops to emphasise the industrial processes integral to large-scale food production.

Special thanks to Bright Seeds and National Grid.