Dual Spectrum Subsistence

Dual Spectrum Subsistence, 2012
Dimensions variable
Mosaic tiles, dual spectrum bulbs, soil, wheat, red clover, mustard, linseed, quinoa, borage, vetch, custom tarpaulin sacks, rigging hardware
Commissioned for the Yard at Modern Art Oxford, UK
Photo: Geraint Lewis, Kate Corder, Artist,

For Modern Art Oxford’s Yard space, Champion responds to the Cafe with a site-specific installation that points at the artificial environments in which our food is grown. The sculptures consist of tiled cylinders, dual spectrum grow lamps which are ideal for growing plants indoors, and plants that more often take on the role of crops in agricultural applications. The plants include raw material foods, game covers, and green manure. Throughout the summer the crops will mature and develop under the dual spectrum artificial light in the Yard at Modern Art Oxford.