Drinks with Siphonophores

Drinks with Siphonophores, 2019
Rachael Champion and Patrick Furness
Costumes, sound equipment, algae cocktails, custom tables
A Raw Garden, Fitzrovia Gallery London, with Pinch.Project
Photo: Dylan Roberts

Join Rachael Champion and Patrick Furness as they embody a pair siphonophores (Physophora hydrostatica / Arthorybia rosacea) for the closing celebration of A RAW GARDEN.
They will be serving botanical cocktails and communicating with Fitzrovia Gallery visitors from 7:00 - 8:30pm.
A siphonophore is a colony of marine organisms composed of specialised individual animals called zooids.
Their integration with each other is so strong that they function together as a larger organism.
Through costume and interaction Patrick and Rachael will explore the possibilities of being one organism comprised of many.

A Raw Garden Closing Party small.jpg