Crinoidea Characteristics

Crinoidea Characteristics, 2014
Performed with Ania Ostrutka and Joey Bryniarska
Wirksworth Festival, 2014 Derbyshire, UK
Special thanks to Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates

Installed for the 2013 Wirksworth Festival, Forced Landscape by Rachael Champion has spent the year residing in the landscape of the National Stone Centre.  The work reflects the dramatic topography of its surroundings and directly reference to Middle Peak Quarry and the Blue Lagoon - two well-known, human intersections in the local environment.  Having remained in situ for the last year Forced Landscape, itself temporarily transforming the immediately surround area, has operated as a site for reflection on humanity's interventions in the landscape. 

For this year’s Festival, inspired by the distinct fossils at the National Stone Centre, Forced Landscape will be inhabited by a performance, Crinoidea Characteristics.  This performance will feature two crinoids who will be visiting from Britain’s prehistoric past.  These curious 350 million year old crinoids will be present during the festival to emphasise how the geological past has shaped the landscape of Derbyshire today.

Crinoidea Characteristics was commissioned as part of the 2014 Wirksworth Festival, curated by Rose Lejeune.