Burlington Gate

My Father was an Impact Crater, 2019
Proposal for Burlington Gate, London

This looming organic sculpture encompasses forms, images, and materials that refer to geology, biology, and infrastructure.  The artwork embodies the presence of a large hybridised organism, simultaneously like a rock and a tree, with long tentacle-like “branches” growing out and rooting themselves to the gravel covered floor of the Burlington Gate vitrine.

This proposed sculpture is made of economical materials which include, a timber armature, chicken wire, papier-mâché’, and digital prints.  The flexible ducting is fixed to the form with aluminium armature wire which also gives the lengths of blue flexible ducting their curvilinear formations.

Background Information:
This proposal is a continuation of a piece I made as an artist-in-residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in the Autumn of 2018.  Whilst exploring Omaha, Nebraska, I discovered an extraordinary rock pile. 

These rocks had an enormous variety of texture and colour.  I very much wanted to work with these rocks, but they were large, heavy, and clearly belonged to someone else.  I decided to take detailed high-resolution digital photographs of the rocks instead of trying to bring them into my studio.

I made a papier-mâché’ sculpture in my studio and then clad it with enlarged digital images of the rock pile which then became a stop frame animation.

You can watch them here and here………