Bathing House

Bathing House, 2017 
National Trust
Folly! 2018
Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal, Yorkshire, UK

My proposal for the Bathing House is an architectural sculpture based on the physical and social characterises of the lost folly.  This contemporary interpretation encompasses the entire footprint of the Bathing Houses’ floor plan, which includes the central lobby, changing room and plunge bath.  The sculpture is rendered in glass mosaic tiles, providing a texture that conjures an association with modern public spaces, specifically public bathhouses.  This folly would provide a unique place for visitors to relax, enjoy the views of the water garden, and contemplate what the experience of the Bathing House might have been like in the 17th century.

This artwork will enable the audience to experience both the physical and social aspects of the original Bathing House.  The plunge bath will be recreated near to its original dimensions, including its depth so that visitors can gain a sense of what the original pool felt like.  The pools interior space will be constructed with tapering steps to create an unusual place for visitors to socialise in within the structure.

On the adjacent side of the artwork is a recreation of the changing room.  These sculptural furniture forms are modern interpretations of the green and white furniture that the changing room allegedly contained.  The sculptural furniture also creates a range of unique seating opportunities for visitors.